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Lord of the Waters
Aurane Waters
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Pure luck, it was, that she had encountered the owner of all these ships and he was now her biggest hope of getting off of this wretched island. She had no time now for idle admiration as she held onto every word, her pale gaze following his every movement like a hawk. “From what I’ve heard, Sweet Cersei isn’t that sweet.” This captain was young and handsome, so it was no doubt that the queen favoured him enough to grant him ships. He probably fucked her for them, She initially thought. This man had wormed a harbour of ships out of the queen and that was admirable.

Alyx’s gaze met his and not once did they flicker elswhere. Staring people dead in the eyes usually unnerved most and that was why she had made sure to be good at it. With a smile she shrugged her shoulders, hands up in surrender for a moment. “Me being alone is nothing unusual, believe me. The black clothes was a mistake, I admit… but black was always my colour. A sellsword can’t always afford to dress as pretty as you, captain.” With a sweeping gaze over his clothes she shrugged again. 

"As it so happens, I’m here because I wanted to cross the Narrow Sea to start a new life away from Gulltown. This is as far as I’ve got. Now I don’t know which way to go." She made sure to sound solemn, hoping to win some sympathy before she went any further.

"Where exactly are you and then queen’s former ships heading? Perhaps I could tag along. You can’t have honest intentions if you’re stopping off here."

His gaze remained stern for moments longer, but his lips gave way as they cracked into a smile.  The girl didn’t realize the ship itself was named after the imprisoned dowager queen.  Sweet Cersei was in fact a lovely ship, more elegant in some ways than Lord Tywin, and even more so than the woman it was named after in his opinion.  But while he would admit that the once queen was as beautiful as many say, he had managed to avoid falling prey to her grasp.  And instead, had managed to woe her with words and his striking familiarity to the former Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.  

Aurane’s grin eventually broke to where he chuckled softly, finding the girl’s wit to be rather quick and her personality thus far amusing.  It was true, a sellsword wouldn’t be able to afford fanciful clothes, but to go so far as to call his outfit a dress?  Some would take it as an insult.  But he found humor in it, knowing fair well that the fashion sense of the south, let alone the east, varied far from what the girl was used to.  Silks and odd fashions were only seen on foreigners, and possibly even whores from expensive brothels to show exotic tastes.  But nevertheless, he brushed off the comment like it were dust in the wind.

Feeling a light breeze, he raised his hand to the sky, letting the wind lick his fingers and swim through the fabrics that he wore to cool himself.  His white-gold hair flicked gently behind him like paper does as it floats to the ground.  But once the soft wind slowed, his hand dropped to the hilt of his sword and he shifted his weight from one leg to the other.  He cocked an eyebrow at the girl’s interest to join his crew, and then studied her more intently.  She seemed to be younger than him, but not by much.  It was probably because of her face shape, not as angular like some of the older women he had encountered before.  Her clothes seemed worn, not nearly as clean like she hadn’t seen a fight in her life.  Not to mention her bow hung behind her back and her quiver was full of arrows that seemed to have seen more than one fight each.  Aurane’s grey-green eyes glanced over her figure, noting that she didn’t seem overweight and the clothes she had on seemed more fitted to her which caused him to disregard the idea that she was frail.

Lastly, he glanced at her hands.  They weren’t clean like most women’s.  Dirt hid underneath her nails, and she seemed to have callouses on her fingers where she would grip her arrows.  Taking a few steps forward, rather nonchalantly, he grabbed her hands and examined them more closely.  ”Well, I don’t think you’ll be able to be an oarsman,” he said sarcastically, as his eyes glanced back to her face to see her reaction.  ”And you probably don’t have the strength to work the deck besides cleaning or possibly waiting in the crow’s nest.”  The Lord of the Waters carelessly let go of her hands as he took a step back and reassessed the possibilities of bringing her on board.  

"I plan to take the fleet east, quite possibly towards Mereen," Aurane grinned at the thought of sailing once more.  Besides waiting for his ships to be fully operational, he had been waiting for the winds to liven up so their journey could be swift.  "I hope you are more of a capable fighter than you would be a valuable crew member," he continued in a now serious tone.  "You do realize this fleet’s crew consists of all sorts of criminals that would have normally be sent to the Night’s Watch?  Unlike the Crows perched upon the Wall, these men have sworn their loyalty to me… and I do not dictate what they do with their spoils of war."  The pirate’s gaze hardened as it locked with the young woman before him.  "Now, the question is, am I taking you on as a passenger or as a member of the crew? Miss?


—  "Can I help you?"


| »
         ❝Actually— - 

          ❝  I believe I may be of service to you
                                                                            My Lady
                            — - I f  you happen to be the lady I seek.



The unfamiliar voice snapped Alyx out of her daze and made her flinch, before she turned her pale gaze to the man approaching her. She huffed in amusement and let a smirk spread across her lips at his words. “Lord Tywin? I have to say, the ship looks a little better than the real Lord Tywin.” But then again, that was hardly any competition, especially since the real one was rotting in the ground after an unfortunate privy accident. 

Slowly and casually, Alyx turned her whole body to face the man properly, brushing the back of her hand against her forehead to rid it of sweat from the burning sun. Stepping towards the fair haired man, Alyx’s smirk remained plastered across her lips, each step carefully placed. “Forgive me, but I never truly mastered manners very well. And frankly, I don’t care what others think. I wouldn’t be here if that were the case.” I would still be in Gulltown if I did, probably the wife of some stinking sailor or working in a brothel.

"I take it this is your ship?" As if that was not already painfully obvious to her, she had to make sure. With that said she turned her gaze back to Lord Tywin, sneering slightly as if mentally criticising the vessel. If this man was the captain of this ship, then perhaps she could persuade him to let her join him to… wherever it was he was heading. Anywhere was better than loitering the Stepstones.

"I’m curious now. Why is this ship called Lord Tywin? Any interesting story behind that? Or are you just an admirer of the man?”

He mused at the thought that the young woman before him was inquiring if the ship before them was his as if the others belonged to someone else.  ”Yes, this one belongs to me.  As do the others in this harbor, ” he smirked as he studied her features.  Brown was her hair, and her skin tanning from the suns rays.  She was outfitted in black, a color many would be discouraged to wear in the south.  He tried his best not to laugh, at his initial scrutiny because she seemed to hold herself well.  

"It’s not just Lord Tywin that has an interesting story, all of the ships in the harbor are named after various members of the ruling houses,” Aurane spoke quickly as he walked past the woman in black.  His gaze started from the base of the dock and scanned his flagship from its base to the tip of its mast, his eyes glinting with pride.  ”Long story short, I have Sweet Cersei to thank for these ships,” he continued as he nodded in the direction of the second ship he just mentioned.  If he could have named the ships differently without being questioned, he would have.  But to play his cards right, he had to feed the lioness some bait to come out on top.  

Aurane turned now to face the girl that was seemingly engrossed by the sight, “As for your third question, I admired the man for his tenacity.  A truly fearsome creature to behold, no matter if you were his ally or foe.”  The pirate then crossed his arms and stared into the stranger’s eyes, his voice unwavering, “Now, what is a young woman like yourself doing in a place like this all alone?  Not to mention, you are dressed in black in the south.”  Her blunt mannerisms amused him greatly, and because of it, he was able to rule out the possibility that he was in the midst of a noblewoman.  And if she was?  Well, then she had stronger balls than some of his crew, to talk the way she had just done.


     █░  » » ♚ ❝Mm…

                                     though if you really must know,
                                     I only wish to return back home.


                                     But it’s as you say, ser.
                                                    It would not do for one
to forget their manners.

| »
         ❝Back east so soon?❞

          ❝  No matter-
                                I have no quarrel with Dorne and wish for none
                  — - Your return home will not be hindered by me, my Lady


    █░  » » ♚ 

                       ❝Are we not too o l d
                                      for these games, ser?


                                       ❝And how can you be so certain that I am
                                                                                                                  even a lady at all?

| »
         ❝Yet you seem quite certain that I am a  s e r?❞

          ❝  I find it wiser to pay respect than show none
                   — -My Lady.  
                               It’s better to be cautious… to a degree.


Why did I think getting a ship to the Stepstones was a good idea?

That question ran rampant in the sellsword’s mind the entire time as she paced the harbour, hoping to find a ship to take her across the Narrow Sea to a new life. There were troubles up in Slaver’s Bay she had heard and war was the perfect opportunity for a sellsword. There were probably thousands others like her hoping to do the same thing, except she figured that they had managed to get one ship all the way across the Narrow Sea and not half way.

The Stepstones were dangerous and notorious for being the hotspot for pirates, sellswords and all sorts of other troublemakers. I should fit right in, really. Not only did Alyx think it incredibly stupid to land herself here, but also to wear black from head to toe. Her leather and light armour was starting to make her sweat down here in the south. If this is hot then it’ll be even worse across the Narrow Sea. I should have thought this through better. But… anything to get away from Gulltown.

Alyx approached the nearest ship that looked in good repair, admiring it for a few moments while she thought out her plan of action. Someone must need a sword or a bow somewhere, and I need a ship to get off these hell stones. Suddenly she was feeling anxious. This place should have been the perfect place for a sellsword like herself but it made her uneasy. My place is in Westeros… Now she wondered which side of the sea she wanted to travel to. And while she faced this conflict in her head, she simply stood in front of the ship staring up at it, oblivious to the world.

Stepping out of the tavern, to take a breath of fresh air, Aurane blinked as the light from the sun hit his face.  It was refreshing, compared to inspecting the galleys of his ships, or joining his captains for a few drinks as the days passed.  They had been in Torturer’s Bay for some time now, repairing the damages done to the ships that he had absconded with from Kings Landing.  He snorted at the thought of how incredibly easy it was to have not only convinced the former queen to agree with his request, let alone to take them out of her grasp.  It was a wise move to play the Lannister, thankful that she was gullible enough to believe he held an interest in her.  

He made his way towards the docks, glancing around as he saw members of his crew stumbling about, drunk, and laughing amongst one another.  A sight he was more comfortable with rather than being in a keep with nobles scrutinizing your every move.  But Aurane was still being watched.  He did happen to take the Stepstones recently and label himself as Lord of the Waters.  A feat that many pirates will not overlook so easily.  But they were not for him to worry about.  He had already earned the trust of those he had inducted into his fleet, and their numbers outweighed that of the original occupants of the islands.  The feat itself was amusing, possibly his greatest yet, but he still had plans.

White hair started to cling to his face once he made it to the docks.  His slender fingers brushed them out of the way as he took a string to tie the locks back to he could have a clear view of the dock.  But standing in front of his flagship was an unfamiliar figure.  His fair face frowned as he noticed the undesirable person blocked the potential enticing visage of his ships docked in the harbor.  Shifting his weight and resting a hand on his hip, he called out to the individual that seemed to be in complete awe.  Lord Tywin truly is a marvel to behold.  You have good taste,” he mused, ”It isn’t wise to just stand there and stare, there are few who would think it rude.”



    █░  » » ♚ 
                       ❝No that actually helps me, 
                                          as I now know where I am.
                                           —- though by the gods it was not where I intended to be.

| »
         ❝’Tis a shame 
                       But your  a c c i d e n t a l  arrival has
                       me interested in your destination, My Lady.  
                       — -Depending on your reply, I may 
                                     be able to offer you safe passage


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    █░  » » ♚ 
                       ❝If I knew I still wouldn’t tell you, ser.
                         But alas, so it seems that I am lost.

| »
         ❝You wound me, My Lady 
              — But if I told you, that you have landed in the Stepstones,
                           would you be more lost?


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